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The attire for Faculty Commons varies sometimes from casual to business casual. If it’s the first time meeting a new client, business casual is required. Although casual attire is OK on a daily basis, it must be appropriate. For instance, shorts and tube tops are not allowed. I usually wear plain colors and try to make it simple and clean. The poster below is a great example of the variety of styles of the design team.


My internship is at an open office. My space is shared with other offices such as the Grants and AIR office. The design team has two Mac desktops and two Mac laptops  available in an area dedicated to just us.

I am in office twice a week, for a few hours to make the 10-hour per week requirement. But, I do work over 10 hours if it’s needed or a project is time-sensitive. In special cases, I will come in just to meet with a client who has a busy schedule.

The office has a fridge, microwave, and eating utensils in a small room. When it comes to lunch time, I sometimes bring my own lunch and heat it up. Other times, my colleagues and I would order food together from Seamless. We also have an end of the year holiday party! 🙂

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In addition to working together, we also go out to art/design related events and gallery exhibitions to get to know each other better and connect new and old designers from Faculty Commons.

2014-09-19 10.38.08 1InsideOUT House exhibition at the BRIC Biennial (by Prof. Jenna Spevack)
Goya & Dali exhibition


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