Print and Web Platforms

During my internship at Faculty Commons, I was able to learn something that I couldn’t inside the classroom. Because graphic design students do not have access to color printers in the classroom or labs, they are only able to do work for web platforms on campus.

Fortunately, I am able to design for print and web, and bring both to life on the job. Reproduction Center, located in Namm Hall Cellar (NC26), prints almost all the posters, brochures, booklets, bookmarks, etc at City Tech. As designers, we communicate and work with the printer to get our designs printed properly with the correct color mode, crop marks and other specifications.

I learned the importance of making a few test prints early on for any project. And, to always have a back up plan in case the printer breaks down. For instance, I could ask the client about alternative printing locations that are off campus, or designing a black and white version to be printed easily.

Below is a comparison of print and web on a project I did:

IMG_1284 IMG_1285  Print


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