My roles

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I have two roles at Faculty Commons: being a graphic designer and an intern trainer. On a daily basis, I would communicate with my clients through email, phone, or in-person about our on-going projects. IĀ would be put on to 3-5 projects duringĀ the spring and fall semesters. Winter and summer semesters are different; here’s when I take the role of a trainer (with anotherĀ current designer) to prepare our new candidate for an intern position.

My supervisor, Professor Julia Jordan is the acting director of Faculty Commons. She is copied on allĀ incoming and outgoing emails that I write to my clients. And, we will close the loop together at the end of every project.Ā During training, the trainers would communicate with Prof. Jordan after the end of each day on the progress of the new candidate.

In 2013, my friend Patricia Persaud introduced me to Faculty Commons and its mission, and encouraged me to apply for an internship there. After applying, Prof. Jordan emailed me for an interview. The interview was conducted in the office with two current designers. They asked the usual questions you would hear from any design job and they weren’t too difficult to answer. I waited for about a week for an acceptance letter through email, where they invited me to join their summer training program before I would start working officially in the fall semester.

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