At the beginning of this semester I started a really unique project; it was very different from the traditional poster projects from previous clients. Professor Ferrell from the English department reached out to me and wanted me to design the display cases for the whole 5th floor. At first she mentioned that we should make posters to put inside the cases.

But something told me that it could be more creative. I started to do research and came up with the idea of paper art for these cases–including the text. This is the project that changed my mentality. I was given the chance to do something different and experience something new, so I went for it. In order to convince my client, I did some mockups on the computer and send it over: unnamed

I got positive feedback from the client as well as support from my supervisor and peers. From there, we ordered the materials and it was time to get my hands on work started:

1 2

 11058420_449532801867390_5622763187916195975_n 11069482_449532941867376_4201639006018477312_n


5 6

 4 11070068_449533331867337_5989652233682655071_n

This wasn’t an easy and quick project. At the beginning I was only working with Professor Ferrell on the aesthetics and content of each display case that showcased different programs such as The City Tech Writer, Literary Arts Festival, 2 Bridges Review, NANO and faculty publications. I didn’t really know what they wanted. But, when more people started to see what was happening, they decided to pitch in about their programs. So there were many specific changes I had to make to meet their standards.

From there, I learned so much about working with clients and the many difficulties that may come up if I am not careful. It was a great experience. In addition to that, I made some mistakes during my trials and errors, and it definitely prepared me for future projects that could be similar to this one.

After this project, I fell in love with hands on art projects again. I was always into arts and crafts since a young age, but the graphic design career put a restriction on me with all the digital work. This project is not 100% finished (because I am still waiting on content from a few people), but it is one of the most fun and creative projects that I’ve worked on during my internship at Faculty Commons.


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