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20150305_115337As a graduate of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program,  I volunteered for the Tech Triangle U event and attended “Tech-U-Cation: The Integration of Tech and Education in the Classroom and Beyond” on Thursday, March 5th. Speakers included Mark Parsons, Pratt Institute Director in Production Technologies, Marco Perry, PENSA Founder, Alex Rappaport, Flocabulary Co-Founder and CEO, Emily Wheeler, NYC Acre and Urban Future Lab Director, and Duks Koschitz, Pratt Institute Associate Professor in Design and Technology.


They covered many topics on design, technology, and entrepreneurship and how they come into play for education. Flocabulary is a great example. More than 20,000 schools use this online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos to educate their students. Incorporating something fun and exciting into education can really help students get engaged in learning.

Diversity was one of the factors they spoke of and one speaker introduced First Tech Challenge, which is mentor-based programs that aim to inspire young people to become leaders in science and technology. It is also empowering a diverse group of people to go into entrepreneurship.

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