A Collaborative Project

For my client in the English department at City Tech, I was in charge of creating a series of posters to offer the regular English courses and also design illustrative posters for the different special courses each semester. I was overwhelmed with work and other requests coming in from different directions and also from my classes, and I didn’t know what to do. I had a creative block.

Fortunately, Dorian Valentine, my co-worker at Faculty Commons offered to help me create some posters. So we came together, worked on some ideas and he illustrated some of these courses for me. So it became a collaboration half way through. We submitted this series of English posters as a “Special Project” at the Honors Scholars Poster Presentation.

Below is our poster for the presentation event.


10500542_907898885887615_9063679926445930895_n10349002_908370032507167_4703643618600578505_nWe submitted a few “Special Projects” to the Poster Presentation and received our certificates at the awards ceremony.

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