Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Author: Jerry Neira

Paul Rand

I admire Paul’s feelings and his confidence in his work built because every decision he made creating the logo wasn’t made on a whim but by by his experience as a creator. 10 years is an insane amount of time to work on a logo that adds the explanation to his character and how he holds up his work and the company’s given history. Trying to understand the creative process isn’t something that is easily explained there logic in it but at the same time, there isn’t. One day I believe my experience will build the foundation of the creative process I will work with, but for now, it’s more like trial and error trying to understand between what’s needed and what can be more of a design.

Jerry_Neira_Paula Scher

I guess for a lot of people who want to enter the design field never realize that the number one obstacle you’re always doing to face is to do something you never have done before. There’s a lot of people who fear the general idea of it. Designers have to face this since it comes with the territory even if you’re an expert in a certain field you may have to branch out a little. Paula combined her art with her design aspect to create a mural for the school. Normally combing the concept of art and design needs to be well balanced. Before I even heard about the design I thought almost everything was art and didn’t realize the difference between the two. Art has no purpose while the design does turn out to the core difference. However, they are still relatives since designers are still considered a more logical or mission base kind of artist.

Jerry Neira

It’s really amazing how Paula can create any typography she wants and use it to her advantage. I’ve never really been strong when it comes to typography since I focus on symbols and everything else. In order to create and refine customized letters is quite a feat in the design world. What I want to know from her is what’s the best way to create custom type. I wonder how her mind works when she creates her typography. She really is honest and straight forward when it comes to her design process.