Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Author: Ashli Barker

The Art of Logo Design

What I agree with most in the video “The Art of Logo Design” is that a Logo has to be simple and memorable. When you’re trying to promote a product or service, it’s important that the everyday person and, more importantly, your target audience knows who you are versus any other company doing the same thing you are.  This can be just using the name of your company as your logo, creating a recognizable icon, or doing both.



My name is Ashli Barker and I’m currently starting my last year. My major is Communication Design and I’ll be graduating in Spring 2021. I transferred here in spring 2019 from Kingsborough and I want to be an illustrator. I chose this major because I want to be an artist but there were no other majors that seemed to match up to my needs. What I hope to get out of this class is a better understanding of design and how to properly recognize and execute the needs of my clients when I become a freelancer.