Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Paul Rand

I am presently kinda recalling about Paul Rand since I was reading an article about him. And from what I’ve recollected, Paul Rand was a really organized and detailed designer. Cautious, but exceptionally detailed. The article talks around how the IBM symbol was made, and the diverse ways it can be utilized for. From what I’ve learned it took a whereas to create the IBM symbol but then I keep in mind how Paula Scher made the Interesting CITI logo in less than a few seconds. Both exceptionally well known and one of a kind artists. Both Paul and Paula are incredible creators but their encounters have instructed them to see at things in a different perspective point in the art eyes.

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  1. Magi Hossameldin

    Hi Nicole,
    I agree that Paul rand seems extra more organized than most designers and it was crazy that how he created the IBM logo and it took him 10 years which really seems exaggerated but at the same time when I think about how precise and organized he is as a person I can relate why it took him 10 years so he can be satisfied with the IBM logo. Although I didn’t like the Eye Bee M idea I don’t feel that it’s iconic I don’t think that it made the right thing to the design. And also comparing Paul and Paula to each other they both have their own creativity although I think I’m more of a Paula as how she comes up with one idea for example the CITI logo and then she works with it not as how Paul designs ; it takes him forever to create something that he’s fully satisfied with.

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