Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Author: Nicole Harripersad

Paul Rand

I am presently kinda recalling about Paul Rand since I was reading an article about him. And from what I’ve recollected, Paul Rand was a really organized and detailed designer. Cautious, but exceptionally detailed. The article talks around how the IBM symbol was made, and the diverse ways it can be utilized for. From what I’ve learned it took a whereas to create the IBM symbol but then I keep in mind how Paula Scher made the Interesting CITI logo in less than a few seconds. Both exceptionally well known and one of a kind artists. Both Paul and Paula are incredible creators but their encounters have instructed them to see at things in a different perspective point in the art eyes.

Paula Scher: Do What You’ve Never Done Before

From what I’ve learned from the video, Paula Scher cherishes art and graphic design and the history behind it, together with classics, well known icons, writing, music, as well as  New York, which makes the pictures or components in her works frequently come from the social life in New York. Paula combined her craftsmanship with her graphic design angle to make a wall painting for the school. Craftsmanship has no reason whereas the graphic design does turn out to the center contrast. For Paula She made a straightforward, notorious, and effectively identifiable image for the neighborhood that inevitably got to be the symbol for the stop itself and for me so distant has still been an motivation

Paula Scher Week 4

I remember learning about Paula Scher in a course I think it was Communication Design 1 in Spring 2017 semester, I was given her name to work on as a project and I finished up doing a mood board of her and her work. She amazes me since she made a logo within 5 minutes that all begun out from a small napkin sketch. She made me learn that no matter where you sketch the greatest ideas come from 1 little piece of paper, or for her, 1 little napkin sketch. Which is by the way worth 1.5 million dollars. Paula Scher has been an motivation for me she ambitious , a trailblazer and a icon within the field of graphic design and she inspires me to get more into the graphic design field more as an illustrator.


Attached on the bottom is a poster I’ve done for class a long time ago dedicated to Paula Scher


Hi everyone my name is Nicole Harripersad and i just became a senior for this semester. Im a COMD student who’s main focus is illustration and graphic design but most importantly illustration. I love to draw, paint, and use different types of markers in art. I also like using the Software Procreate with my illustrative work and Photoshop and Indesign. Hopefully when I graduate with my bachelors for the spring of 2021 Ill be continuing to go back to school again in the fall as a grad student and working on becoming a art teacher. My goal in life is to push myself into the art field more, and earn my Masters in Fine Arts so I can be the one to also teach art and graphic design In universities in Staten island because in Staten Island there isn’t enough graphic design programs being taught and I want to be the to be able to create more graphic design learning studies and techniques for people in Staten Island because there are so many children here who love to learn about graphic design and it isn’t fair that they don’t have any college courses to teach that here on staten island and students have to travel far to another borough or even a next state just to learn graphic design. I hope one day when I finish my masters I can implement what I learned from city tech and whichever grad school I go to next year and apply it to the colleges here on staten island so children and other future undergrad students can get a chance to learn about graphic design.

The art of logo design

What I enjoyed around “the Art of Logo Design” was how it reminded me around processing and planning for the design of a logo. When designing a logo it continuously comedown to sketches on sketchbooks before digitalizing them. We all begin from scratch some place.