After watching Paula Scher: Do What You’ve Never Done Before on Vimeo, I love the idea that Paula took advantage of each opportunity that was given to her to become who she is today. It made me realize that some opportunities come only once in a lifetime and if we didn’t take it seriously we won’t ever grow. I love how she worked on the Highline logo. It was too simple but it sent the message it had the idea of being a credible place. I also love the idea that she mentioned about MOMA museum how she brought four brochures that did not look like but at the same time it had the same pieces of artwork, as Paula said, “although the typography was pretty different than one another that happens is because they’re done in different departments and the departments don’t talk to each other and not function together as one brand” which really makes sense as they don’t follow the design manual of the brand. It also showed that without connections and teamwork you’ll never succeed especially if you’re working in a big place like MOMA.

She also mentioned that sometimes take a leap of faith and you better ignore the brief and do something that you see more applicable if you have nothing to lose. I also like the idea that she mentioned there’s a lot of difference between art and design or it is just order it has to do with your eyes. Your eyes can  love the artwork without having a meaning although the design has a purpose. Designing has a message behind the art that it is representing.

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