Eva Machauf | COMD 3501 OL26 | Fall 2020

Paula Scher : Artist Series

I remember Paula Scher when I’m taking the history class. When first looking at her work, I was shocked about how she has done all these designs and sketches by hand. Her hands are powerful. During her time, she all she got was her hand, it’s not like now we got a computer, we can go online to get ideas from others. When she talks about how the music typography was design to look like it makes noise and how it became an identity, a style of public theatre. I love it! I love her the maps that she sketches. I agree with her that design is something that you work by hand. When she talks about the logo of Citi bank, I can’t imagine she done that logo in a second. Everything is in her head.

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  1. Fernanda Cajas

    I agree with what you stated. It really is amazing to know that Paula Scher managed to create her work by hand. Now we have it “easy” in a way because we have this technology and all the programs needed to create logos, posters, ads, etc. She truly is an inspiration to us designers, especially when we think we can’t do something. If she was able to create all those amazing posters without the technology we have now, we sure can create incredible things. i algo think that designs are meant to be worked by hand. Whether it’s digitally or on paper, working by hand makes you have a clearer idea of what your final design will be.

  2. Nicole Biggs

    I really think it’s amazing that she did a lot of her designs by hand. It made her a better designer and it gave her what all designers should have which is patience and attention to detail.The map piece is one of her best hand done designs because it holds a deeper meaning to her and moments she shared with her father.

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