The video of “The Art of Logo Design”  explains how  pictorial symbols known as  Pictographs were used as the earliest form of writing. Pictographs was used to identify who a merchant was, pictographs was what is known as logos today. When you think about it graphic design has always been around even if it was a simple line on a rock. The video  explains that a logo is supposed to tell you who  the company is  and what is all about its supposed to be a mask of the company, it is something you will always see first before you see what’s under the mask like what the company is all about, down to its CEO. People should  be able to identify what the  company does based on the logo, visual is everything. Logos  are not  the brand but rather a part of its identity, there supposed to adapt to current styles whether it victorian,contemporary or modern.A good logo can both be simple and memorable that it can transpire through time in any color, it should be timeless. In order for a logo to get to a level that both the client and consumers can visually  understand the designer has to look at other logos and its typeface and play around with it; take both  the clients idea  and yours  combine them  and start to have fun with it by messing around with the shapes , color , angles and transparency. At the end of the day just have fun when you’re designing.


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