Mentor Text Analysis- Mamadu Jalloh

In the Poem “In The Time Of pandemic” by Kitty O’Meara , The Author hooks the audience with the sentence “And the people stayed home”. By using this sentence the author grabs the audience attention by creating imagery in the first line. Moreover, in the following line the author incorporate story telling by talking about the things people did during the pandemic. The author also develop the story through imagery when she “states they read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being”. The Poem includes 7 lines and the message she is trying to convey through the poem is the pandemic gave people the opportunity to self reflect and once people reconnected with each other they found ways to heal. The text Concludes by addressing the new changes and choices made by people post pandemic. The visual poem has an audio of the poem with music playing in the background with images that relate to the words playing simultaneously. I will emulate this technique in my visual poem to create a more suspenseful Visual Poem. However, I will try to incorporate my research in my poem because this poem form Kitty O’Meara doesn’t seem to be a poem based on research.

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  1. This HW is LATE.

    You correctly pointed out that the O-Meara poem really is short. ALso it’s more of a description than a message. AND you correctly pointed out that: this poem form Kitty O’Meara doesn’t seem to be a poem based on research. Yours however should come out of your findings in your RAB project.

    I hope today’s class gave you some insight on how to move forward. Look at the Genre Project REsources page to see example Visual Poems. You’ll also see the example emulation poems. You absolutely do not have to do an emultaion poem, but that is what my other class did — the whole class. It’s really up to you how you write your poem. HAVE YOU ALREADY WRITTEN THIS POEM? WHat images of muslims in the pandemic are you detailing? MAKE SURE THAT YOUR POEM COMES OUT OF YOUR RAB RESEARCH — (are you revising that RAB?). In other words, I am looking for evidence of your research in the poem you create!

    Get energized by looking at those mentor texts — You can also look at the Spoken word poem of Jamila Lyiscott — so good and so powerful! Her poem is good and her delivery (in the video) is good too!

    Then you turn your poem into a visual poem. Also look at HOW to CREATE a VISUAL POEM video.

    Mamadu –You have fallen in to the quicksand by not keeping up. I am not sure how to help you! How did the quicksand happen to you? YOUR JOB IS TO PULL YOURSELF OUTTA THE QUICKSAND ASAP!

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