Genre Project Process — Migdalia Rivera

For my Op-Ed I’ve already completed my introduction. I made sure my message was up front with a good hook. I still have to do my body and conclusion. I’ve already planned out my work and know what I’m going to write for those two. The obstacle I’m facing is finding a placement for my option and my research. I plan to get this project done by May 19th before the due date. I feel like this was a pretty easy project compared to our last one. I felt I picked the right genre for my self and for the the question. I don’t understand the last question about the publication.

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  1. Hi Migdalia:

    Remember this is really one essay. An op-ed is an essay. So make sure that your op-ed integrates smoothly. So the parts must all lead from one point to the next to the next — and all of it will make your point that _____ whatever your message is. One paragraph leads to the next paragraph. Use your outline to decide what the next paragraph will be about. Remember that your paragraphs (what you are writing in each paragraph) will come from the new knowledge your got out of your research.

    Your outline looks good. Follow it!

    Look at the how to write an op-ed in the Unit 3 Assignment. That should help.

    Dont’ forget to work with the TUtors!

    Prof. Wu

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