Alex RAB Source Entry #1

Part 1: MLA Citation  

Lego. “How were helping families impacted by covid 19”. April 30 2020. 

Part 2: Summary  

How has Lego’s affected people’s health throughout the corona virus pandemic? In these darks time the smallest Lego made the biggest impact on the community. The Lego company has decided to give aid where it is needed the most. To think a simple company about making connecting toys would branch out to help others is amazing. I used to play with Legos when I was a little boy and just saw the company as a marketing empire, but this pandemic opened my eyes to a newer Legos are kinder and more caring Legos. Whenever a crisis happens people’s true intention show, and lucky Lego’s was pure and humbling. This topic interest me because seeing other companies like Amazon and Netflix profiting off of the pandemic because of the high demand for movie and shows was so high due to people staying in all day. Then you had the fear of leaving your house hold you would rather pay for someone else to deliver you a package or food instead of getting it yourself. Legos wasn’t like that it was different, it was better.  

Part 3: Reflection  

Looking back on this I didn’t realize how much Lego actually cared. They are putting their own people on the front lines giving others aid. This was touching to read because it shows how far people are willing to go to help out others in times of need. The source itself mention other things they did to contribute. Like donate to NPOs that ranged from giving aid to people for food and water to development research for covid, and just all around helping out the community. To further my point Lego is a great company and likes giving smiles to kids and families that need it. The greatest thing they have done is the organization they have to help bring joy to kids with special needs is the sweetest things ever.  

Part 4: Notable quotes  

“Funding will be mobilized to help the organization continue to provide essential services to the most vulnerable children in the community, arranging regular phone contact and care packages” (Lego 2020). 

  “The Ai You Foundation responded immediately, setting up networks and schemes to support the most vulnerable families through this time” (Lego 2020). 

“Amigos brings rare moments of playful joy to young patients in hospitals across Hungary” (Lego 2020).  

“Donations from the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Group will help support No Kid Hungary’s incredible coronavirus relief and recovery efforts; providing emergency grants to schools, food banks and community groups in the hardest-hit communities across the country to ensure kids are getting the meals they need during this crisis and beyond” (Lego 2020). 

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