RAB Source Entry 3 – Karem Ali

part 1 Mla Citation:


Part 2 summary: In this video the reporter talks about Joe Rogan’s misinformation. They talk about how Spotify promotes him so much and that he was the #1 podcaster. The NBC reporter talks about how some people are removing their music from Spotify to protest. They talk about how it’s a very big deal and Spotify needs to do something about this because people are dying.

Part 3 reflection: This video is very informing . It made me realize that a lot of people could suffer from misinformation from Joe. But I didn’t think that it would be so sever. Spotify is making a restriction so Joe can’t speak about problems like this freely when he isn’t qualified.

Part 3 rhetorical/genre analysis: The purpose of this Video is to inform. The tone that the reporter uses is objective .This target audience is most likely young adults and teens. This is a reliable source because this is NBC which is a very popular news station.

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