Alex Source Entry #2

Part 1 MLA Citation  

Unknow author, The Guardian view on Lego for adults: play is a serious business, 2020, January, 17 

Part 2 summary  

The Idea that Lego was only limited to kids has been broken wide open. Many older adults have found comfort in playing with Lego and rekindling their childhood memories and emotions. Many adults agree that playing with Lego’s is fun and exciting. To have the ability to create these massive structures to just building a small little car, shows that the only limitation for Lego is one own imagination. Lego has touched the heart of many kids old and new, and the old still come back to play with their favorite sets. Many adults with kids play with their kids and grew stronger bonds when playing with Lego.  

Part 3 Reflection 

Lego is a multibillion-dollar company that spread across the globe. They have sold millions of copies off there toys around the world. They have made such in impact on the world that people in the fare future will still talk about Lego for generations to come. Lego has many benefits like improving hand eye coordination. This is a Useful skill allowing to better use your hands for tasks at a young age. The overall price of the Lego has also the over all value of the Lego has improved Tramendicly during the pandemic. More and more parents want to buy Lego to entertain their kids and help distract them from what going on in the outside world. They Lego has introduced joy back in the hearts of many when times look bleak and scary. 

Part 4 Quotes  

“The industry will have “kidults” in its sight as well as parents” (Unknow 2020). 

 “The Forma range of mechanical models is for “adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side” (Unknow 2020). 

“The Joy of Lego Play promises that getting hands-on can improve your cognitive skills and allow you to practice mindfulness” (Unknow 2020). 

“Many of us could do with more rest and recreation in our lives. Yet there is something dismal and even contradictory about the idea of play as a tool to make us more fit for the relentless demands of the adult world, and about the growing hunger for such an escape” (Unknow 2020). 

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