Intro – Paola Capano

Hi, my name is Paola and i’m 19 years old. I’m pursuing a major in nursing. My parents are both from the Dominican Republic but I was born here in New York. I was born and raised in the Bronx where I live currently with just my mom. I’m not really into much but I enjoy traveling, shopping, going out with friends and just the girly stuff like makeup, hair, skincare etc. My short term goal is to really do my best in all of my classes this semester. I have a part time job as well but school is my top priority. My long term goal is to graduate college of course and have a good and stable career to make myself and my loved ones proud of me.

4 thoughts on “Intro – Paola Capano”

    1. We definitely do have a lot in common ! I read your intro and I felt you on the job part because I work in retail too even though i’m shy as well so I understand. Hopefully we get to know each other more this semester 🙂

  1. Im 19 too and we pretty much share the same short and long term goals. Its motivating to see others on the same grind of school and work. Props to you cause nursing is sure something! I also love shopping & you should definitely put me on to a good skin care routine, we love that!

  2. Nice to see some of you girls sharing girly things and getting to know each other. Good job introducing yourselves and being open to dialogue here on the Open LaB!

    And Paola — I think you are into a lot of things and an interesting person!

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