Intro: Shantal Garcia

Hi my name is Shantal, most people call me Shani. I’m eighteen years old, I was born on November 3rd. Yes I’m a Scorpio, yes I’m the best sign. My passion is creating visuals and studying fashion. My hobbies are listening to music and creating top tier playlists. I come from caribbean descent in the Dominican Republic, I was born in the capital Santo Domingo. And I’m a first generation college student in my family. I moved to New York when I was 3 years old, and I was raised in Brooklyn. In the fall semester I had aspirations of becoming a Dental Hygienist. And now I’ve moved on in my academic journey to study fashion. Being a minority and growing in an urban city, being able to say that I finished college and became a professional is a great accomplishment that I hope to achieve.

I love my passion because it allows me to put my creativity to use and create something meaningful to me and to others as well. I once thought that I had to be part of the medical field to help others. But I’ve come to realize that you can help people in many ways, and putting pieces together to allow someone to feel beautiful in their skin is something I look forward to doing. Plus there’s so much behind the scenes work that goes into the clothes we buy everyday. Not only from the design but also the campaign to promote the brand. I’m intrigued to see what this English course has in store for me, as one needs to know how to communicate their work.

Las Terrenas DR

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  1. Hi Shantal, I’m glad that you recognized your passion and decided to pursue it. It also caught my attention that you put your sign because I like astrology, I’m a Virgo. I like Scorpios but I’ve never really been close with one before. I’m Dominican too, me and my mom are considering going during spring break, I haven’t gone in like 2 years and a half because of the pandemic and stuff so hopefully I end up going soon because I used to go every year before

  2. Hey Shanti, it looks like we have a couple of similarities we’re both the same age, majoring in fashion and are first generation college students within our families. And just as you I cant wait to graduate with the accomplishment of a college degree, hopefully we have other classes together. And what exactly is the full title of your major? Mine is Business and technology of Fashion.

  3. First of all… I love what you’re doing and wish you the best luck on your goals, it makes me so happy to see our people chase their dreams in this country, especially a first generation college student at that. You mentioned one of your passions is creating visuals and I’m currently taking a course right now about psychology of visual perception. There are a lot of people in that class who have your same interests. Maybe you should check it out. Also, put me on to that playlist! You’re a scorpio and I trust my fellow water signs to have good music taste because we just do… respectfully.

  4. So nice to see you all getting to know each other. We have a strong women presence in this class — February Women’s History Month!

    Shani — you didn’t tell what your picture is. Is it Santo Domingo? capital of your family’s country.

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