My name is Laurencia but you can call me Lauren . I live in the Bronx but i am originally from Ghana, West Africa. I am majoring in Rad Tech, this is my first English class and i am enjoying it so far. I like listening to music, watching comedy or periodic movies and reading as well.

I love playing chess game,scrabble games and checkers. It was nice meeting everyone virtually and i hope we meet in person some day. “medaase” which means Thank You in my dialect- TWI.

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  1. Hello Lauren I see you’ve stated you’re originally from West Africa. Can you explain what it’s like over there I’ve always wanted to visit! You also said you like listening to music and I can agree, music makes the world a better place. It was nice meeting you too and I hope you can share more of your hobbies and interest in the near future.

  2. Hello Lauren! I’m excited there is a person that goes to this school that originates from West Africa the motherland. I also like watching Shows and reading. I was wondering what genre of music do you listen to?

    1. Salam Mamadu,
      That’s nice to know you like watching Shows and reading like me. Welcome to the club! My genre of music is soul, highlife, Christain music, sometimes depending on the mood I will do country or afrobeat.
      It’s great to know you have knowledge about financial literacy, and you are majoring in that as well. I definitely will seek some advice and suggestions from you on if need in the future.

  3. Hello Perez,
    First of all, you are very welcome to visit any of the countries on the African continent, but most welcome to visit my Homeland Ghana. Ghana is a beautiful country with natural resource enriched possessing industrial minerals, hydrocarbon and precious metals. Although relatively small it has a population of about 32.5mil (2021). It spans the Gulf of Guinea with neighboring countries like Burkina Faso located on the north, Cote D’ Ivoire on the west and Togo, Benin and Nigeria located to the East on the Map. Ghana is a multinational state, home to variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups.
    Yess i love music especially soul music, Gospel, Highlife and sometimes Afro beats. It will be my pleasure to share more about my hobbies and interests in the future.

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