Mentor Text Analysis – Iren

My mentor text is: Appalachian Horror and Strange Stories with Steve Stockton | 5.10 (

The podcast hooks the audience with the title itself, mentioning “Appalachian Horror and Strange Stories,”. This suggests a mix of mystery and the supernatural, immediately piquing the curiosity of viewers interested in such genres.

To keep viewers engaged, the video builds suspense and tension throughout each story, using pacing, foreshadowing, and plot twists to create anticipation and uncertainty.

The video itself does not have much visuals but what I do notice is that some of them are animated. Though the storytelling makes up for it being that it is interesting and engaging including 3 people talking.

The primary audience is the general public. Anyone who is interested or curious about the paranormal.

The creator’s message is to give more open-mindedness to the paranormal.

The aspects that I will emulate in my project will be crafting compelling titles and descriptions, featuring a guest (in this case that would be my friend). I would also use descriptive language to set the atmosphere and build suspense throughout. I would engage listeners with engaging dialogue and diverse paranormal topics.

The aspect that I would avoid in my project is making the podcast itself too long. I would avoid going too detailed with my language and keep it clear and direct.

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