Jermain Lewis – Outline Genre Project

This project is about understanding controversial language In different art forms specifically rap music language utilizing violence and profanity to convey deep messages about the oppression and struggles of being a minority.


  1. Introduction Collages:

    1.  A series of overlapping rap music lyrics

    2. A Series Of New Clips depicting criminalizing Minorities adults and youths

      1. Criminalization of Youth

      2. Hip-pop On trial

      3. Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal Mall is banning teens who enter without an adult. Lindsay Tuchman has the story. DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN (WABC) — A rule at the Atlantic Terminal Mall in Downtown Brooklyn requires anyone under the age of 18 to be accompanied by an adult.

  2. My Speech Regarding – War on Rap

    1. I will address my personal dilemma/ experience on the matter

      1. Growing up criminalizing rap music, putting its entire genre into a box

    2. I will explain how it should be interpreted for those who shared my past ideals

      1. Endangering Free speech

      2. Rap music roosters unity

      3. Explain how rap music reflects the harsh realities of urban life, including violence, poverty ,and social unrest

      4. Explaining how Speech evolved and adapted / Taboos of the past are obsolete in this era /

      5. Raps ability to mirror the raw realities of everyday life, giving voice to societal issues and personal narratives often overlooked

      6. I will explain that limiting the expression because of the rules and taboos it breaks limits your words and perception of art / limits the power of words.


  1. Poem – Taboos of The Tongue 

    1. This poem will tell exaggerated tales of words being mistreated in an age where taboos of the past are still being coveted. Maybe incorporate events where minorities were killed or criminalized. Convey harsh realities of urban life, including violence, poverty, and social unrest, via poetry 

1 thought on “Jermain Lewis – Outline Genre Project”

  1. looks interesting and wide reaching — do you have a title for the overall project? What genre is this? Will this be a video that includes aspects of collage, a talk, and a poem? please specify!

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