Genre Project Progress Report – Iren

What parts/tasks have you completed?

– I have completed the Introduction to my podcast script and some for the body. I have also completed the outro.

What do you still have to do to get it done?

– I have to still work on my script in general and add more to my body. I also have to start recording either my voice or a video in general really soon and work on the editing after that.

What obstacles are you encountering?

– Getting the chance to record and work on the visuals is the current obstacle thus far.

What’s your timeline to meet the deadline?

– I am planning to get this project done before the deadline.

How do you feel about your project so far?

– I feel excited about my project and I think that it will turn out great overall.

Have you started work on the CREATOR’S STATEMENT? (remember this is part of the assignment too — scroll down for instructions.)

– I have not started working on the creator’s statement just yet but I am planning to very soon.

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