Outline For Genre Project – Iren

My RQ: Does the paranormal world exist?

My genre: a conversational podcast

Title: Beyond the Veil

Introduction: Welcome to ‘Beyond the Veil,’ where we delve into the mysterious, the unexplained, and the supernatural.” [Sound of footsteps echoing in a dimly lit hallway] Voice-over: “I’m [Iren], joined by my friend, [Kristina]. Together, we’ll be your guides through the shadows as we unravel the secrets of haunted locations, encounters with spirits, and the inexplicable phenomena that lie beyond the realm of our understanding.”


  1. Start with what the paranormal is
  2. Give short stories of personal experiences with the paranormal
  3. Talk about how culture has a influence on the paranormal
  4. Connect to research (previous research papers/ed narrative) 
  5. Talk about theories 

Outro: Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Stay curious, stay open-minded, and continue to seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary. Voice-over: “From all of us here at ‘Beyond the Veil,’ thank you for listening. Until next time, may you walk safely through the shadows and always find light in the darkness.”

1 thought on “Outline For Genre Project – Iren”

  1. OK!


    Should you get the word “paranormal” or the RQ “Does the p world exist?” into your opening paragraph / introduction? — so listeners are clear what the podcast will focus on?

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