Outline Poem- Domenica

My mentor text is:Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes

My Genre: Visual Poem

Title: Beyond the Bars or Let them Run Free

I. Introduction

  • Hook: protest against animal testing using “let it be” free again.
  • Theses: Im going to use what Hughes’s used to express his main idea such as repetition, imagery and irony . To express that animal testing is wrong and there are alternative to animal testing.

II. Summary of the poem

  • My poem is about protesting about animal right and the reality animal testing.

III. Repetition

Let animals be free again

Let them live the lives they’re meant to lead.

Let them be free, untouched by lab domains.

IV. Imagery

reality about animal testing employing emotions.

V. Irony

how animals should be treated and reality about what animals go through. Experiences

VI. Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Outline Poem- Domenica”

  1. Remember you need two references to your research — integrated into your poem!

    And you will make a video poem? So what software programs will you use? Look at the genre project resources page for programs I shared.

    You need a video poem for a mentor text to study how video poem is done. Look at the Unit 3 Assignments and scroll down to Option X to make a video poem for a mentor text.

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