Outline for Genre Project -Yue

RQ: what is boosting children of immigrant to achieve success in America? 
Title: Paths to Prosperity 
This is a Information Poster. 

Introduction: Welcome to ‘Paths to Prosperity’, an exploration into the success and challenges faced by the immigrant children in U.S. Nearly one-fourth of the children in America comes from an immigrant family. Their success is not just beneficial but crucial to our nation’s future. This poster will delve into the factors that contribute to their achievements, with a focus on family support, and the impact of geographic location. We will be examining how these elements influence the education of these young individuals.  

  1. Key Factors inflencing success 
  1. Challenges the immigrant’s children face. 
  1. statistics information. 
  1. Connect it with the research I conducted 
  1. Discuss the questions. 

The message I want the audience to take away is that geographic location and family involvement are critical in shaping the opportunities and success of immigrant children in the U.S. Before we go consider this question: ‘Does every location offer the same amount of opportunity as every other place?’  

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