Mentor Text Analysis-Domenica

My mentor text is Let America be America Again by Langston Hughes

The poem hooks the audience by beginning directly protesting for African American rights . Expressing a powerful message from the start. The text incorporates his own experiences about the inequality that African Americans went through. Throughout the poem, the author utilizes storytelling, tone, and emotions to convey not only his personal experiences but also the struggles of other African Americans. He uses imagery to make the audience feel what America it was like before and to describes their struggles. The poem’s structure starts directly with the main idea, then talks about Americans history and promises. Hughes also explains some of his experiences and reality of African Americans and other races such as immigrants. Then encourages the audience to take action and lastly he concludes by encouraging the audience to fight for equality to make America what it use to be. The poem has 85 lines which is only one page . The main audience is Americans and the second audience is general public. The author’s message is to protest for equality and freedom for all citizens in America. In my work , I plan to emulate the structure of the poem by explaining my topic and encouraging the audience to take action. Also I really liked the powerful tone of the poem , he used a persuasive and passionate tone making the audience evoke strong emotions.

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