Mentor Text Analysis – Yue

My Mentor Text is: Bystander Intevention Quick Guide to Reporting Hate Crime 

How the text hooked the audience by introducing us to hate crimes. Further explaining the importances of our role in preventing hate crime from occurring. And how one chooses not to help can cause the rest of the people to not want to help at all. 

How the text incorporates research by providing statistical data, “80% of the hate crime are unreported!” This highlights that many of the incidents that occurred were never reported to the government. A need for a better support system and more community engagement to ensure that hate crimes are being reported and addressed. 

The text incorporates storytelling by explaining the emotional and societal impacts of hate crimes. Victims of hate crime often experience anxiety and fear for safety. And in some cases, the victim was forced to move out or change their lives completely. Hate crime has a huge effect on the community because it can create trust issues between many groups and tear communities apart. As a result, causing there to be more hate crimes.  

What I notice about the visuals is that each subhead or sign in the mentor text addresses the issue of hate crime. Providing information on how people are affected by it, and detailing what we can do during that situation and how we can report. Making it easier to understand and spread awareness. 

How the text was structured was that on the first page they started with 1. “Stand by Me”.  To introduce the audiences to hate crimes and how they can support the case. 2. making a guide to reporting hate crimes. Further explaining to the audience, the importance of hate crime and why we should report it. 3. After that, providing us information on how hate crime looks like by listing the actions that are considered to hate crime. 4. The impact of hate crimes and how victims and communities are affected by it. 5. The text provides support services and how people can provide help to the victims. 6. Conclusion, telling the audiences to stand up against hate crimes and prevent it from happening. 

The Length in the text is like about 60 – 80 words each providing important information that are necessary and not adding unneeded information.  

The primary audience are community leaders and government officials. What makes me think of this is given the seriousness of the topic and details of it. Community leaders and government officials can play a key role in it because they can create strategies to prevent hate crimes. At the same time, inform more citizens of what they should do when witnessing a hate crime. 

The text ended by explaining to the audience that we should not be bystanders and stand up for the victims, doing nothing will not help but agree with their action. 

The creator’s message is hate crime can be prevented if community and people take actions and be involve in it to create safer society. 

Aspects that I will emulate in my project are a clear structure and only keeping key information. Providing statistical evidence to support my claim and guide on how to improve or steps they can take. Getting the audiences to feel engaged and to spread awareness and get them to participate in the cause. 

Aspect that I will avoid in my project is the overwhelming amount of information provided. Avoid using advanced language, make it simple and easy for the reader to understand. Don’t drag out the message and just go straight to the point to avoid wasting time. 

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