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RQ: How does exposure to biophilic design elements such as greenery, natural light, and views of nature impact our health and productivity?

I want to teach my audience about the benefits of biophilic design and why it should be implemented. I want to target architects and designers since they are the people most directly involved in the process of designing and building. I would like to explore a video essay for my unit 3 project. I would have to write a script preparing what I want to talk about. It would relate to the points made in my RAB and the research I’ve done. I would add visuals from my project to help the audience visualize what biophilic design is and how it can be implemented. I plan on working on my revit project to create a good visual representation. More specifically I want to remodel the Namm building and add more biophilic design. This would make it more relatable to all of us. I’m worried about putting the video together cohesively. I don’t want it to be choppy or poorly edited. I am using the mentor text from Balthazar: China’s Game of Spies. I like the visuals he added and the news clips. 

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  1. You can’t use a student made project as your mentor text. Choose from inside the Unit 3 Assignment under Option to Create a video essay.

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