Project Proposal – Iren

My research question is: Does the paranormal world exist

I want to teach my audience to critically evaluate the existence of the paranormal world. Whether they are skeptics, believers, or simply curious individuals, I aim to engage them in an open-minded exploration of this intriguing topic. The audience that I am trying to reach is the general public. Anyone with a general interest in mysteries, the unknown, or the supernatural, may be seeking entertainment, education, or a deeper understanding of the paranormal world. The genre I am considering is a conversational podcast because I will be able to put visuals and be able to have a conversation with another person about the paranormal world sharing our experiences. I intend to start with my conversation podcast by maybe watching TikToks on paranormal podcasts and incorporating that into my own podcast creation. I will also make a script for both me and my friend so we can be organized on what’s to be discussed. One thing I am worried about is if I would mess up with my script while talking in the podcast. Another thing that I am worried about is the editing process and if the visuals will be enough. The mentor text I will be using is Arc’teryx | Vertex Alpine (

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