Project Proposal-Ethan

My research question is:How to prevent the adolescents from early marijuana use?

I want to teach my audience that early drug use can come with great risk. The risk in question is possible mental disorders and physical issues. The audience i’m reaching for are the policymakers, teachers, and adolescents up to age twenty-five. The genre i have in mind is a educational video or Ted talk. For educational video i chose this because i can lay out facts and get the information out there. But for the Ted talk it would be more interactive, like me including a interaction or short story in it. This would still be while me stating my research of course. My plan to get started is to keep looking for videos that somewhat match what i’m trying to do to see if i can get a good format to take notes from and also i’ll be asking friends for some help throughout the process. The only worry i have so far is editing videos because I ain’t too good with it but i’ll make do. The mentor text i’m going to use is 8 secrets of success? by Richard St. John.

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  1. You write “possible mental disorders and physical issues” — We talked in class about an idea for listing these as a way to do a TEDtalk like the mentor text you are using.

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