Project Proposal — Moziah Ferguson

My research question: Why is there a low voting turnout for the youth? 

I want to teach my audience the importance of young people voting and how more of the youth today needs to vote in order to push important changes. The audience that I’m trying to show my message to is for students or young people ages between 18-23. The genre that I want to express my idea in is a video essay. This is so I can add more of an appeal towards young people with videos being able to show more details and captivate an audience. I plan on getting started by watching other video essays to get an understanding on how to place details and structure of the video. I primarily will be taking notes off of the one made by Myles Bess, “Youth Voter Turnout: Why Is It So Low?” The thing I’m most concerned about this project is making sure I have a decent enough video. The mentor text that I’m using is the previously mentioned “Youth Voter Turnout: Why Is It So Low?” video by Myles Bess.

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