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The topic I am conducting research on is why are immigrant children forced to repeat the same grade? This topic has sparked an interest in me because I am just like one of them, I want to figure out what is the reason behind why we must repeat the same grade. Does the education system believe that repeating one grade will “help” the immigrant children improve their English? Why won’t they ask us for our opinion on repeating the grade?” I already know that the reason immigrant children are being held back is because it’s their 2nd language. They believe that repeating the same grade would help “improve” their English. Being forced to repeat a grade ended up making us lose confidence for our future classes. As a student who has also been forced to repeat one year because of the education system. I plan to explore and find out more about how many students are affected by this. How much student actually benefited from being held back or were they better off not repeating the same grade. Did the immigrant children receive the proper support they needed to further advance their English?

My Research Q is what is boosting children of immigrant to achieve success in America? This topic interests me because ——-(personal reasons). I already know that………..

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  1. Hi Yue!

    I find your topic very captivating and I can tell you are passionate about this. I see how you personally relate to this which makes it more interesting to read. Great topic!

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