RAB Proposal – Jermain

My research question is: What is the impact of rap music on common vernacular, specifically in rejuvenating everyday language?

This topic interests me because I value words and their hidden meanings. I love the beautiful impact of words. Every generation uses drastically different terms, and most of the time, they are extracted from media such as rap music, which is heavily prevalent today.

I know that most of the slang and terms the kids use today are derived from rap music and its culture because of rap culture’s chokehold of influence on the youths. Spreading to all age groups, rap changes the words we commonly use with each other, sometimes even altering the meaning of specific words or inviting new words.

I want to find out To what degree rap’s influence spreads. And would like to also dig deep into the facts and see how far back rap music has influenced and how great of an impact it has over the past decades. Maybe visit how other countries have adopted new vernacular because of rap music.

Sources that I found:

Lewis, M. M. (2023, August 11). How Hip-hop Changed the English Language Forever. The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2023/08/11/magazine/hip-hop-language-dope-cake-woke.html 

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  1. Hi Jermain!

    I find your topic very interesting and relatable because music is something we all listen to, especially rap. Im excited for what you find out about the impact rap music has had on peoples every day language. Personally, I am curious as to what influences rappers language. They influence others, but who influences them. Great topic!

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