Outline and Opening-Camila Quinatoa

I. Introduction: (opening) Quote from my momy mentor (Rosa) who tells me that “You have mirrors that are too big so you can see well.”

II. Event 1: Show my mother that I can be better than she thinks.
III. Event 2: I am the best in math and physics classes.
IV. Event 3: I came to New York to study and work and I discovered that I like to design so I will study architecture.

V. Conclusion: My mother asking me how it is possible that I still don’t have a child or a partner since she didn’t believe in my ability. It was difficult for her or she continues to tell her to believe that I am still studying since she fell in love with my (irresponsible) father at a young age.

MOUNTAIN RANGE. General message: Find that learning from past experiences helps you make more informed decisions in the future, as you understand the consequences of certain actions and how they affect your results.

Opening ,

I will always remember these words my mother told me. We were having a mother-daughter talk, it was assumed that this talk would be important to be alone with her and me. I was 16 years old at that time and I was in high school.

I know that what she told me was not a compliment but rather a lesson or a motivation to continue on the right path. I did not stop thinking those words because she thinks that my brother will have a profession and I will only become a husband and have children. and I will not do anything productive with my life.

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