Project Proposal – Diana N.

My research question is: How does our brain process fear? What is the Amygdala? How is the Amygdala connected to fear?

I want to teach my audience more about what we experience regarding fear and the brain, specifically what part of the brain plays a big role in processing our fear. My target audience would be people who are genuinely curious about the human brain like I was when researching this topic and people who study or are in the profession of neuroscience and psychology. The genre I chose to present my research accurately is a comic strip. I chose a comic strip because I wanted to base it on those doctor brochures that one would see in a doctor’s office and a medical or science magazine. I figured that a visual presentation going along with what the audience reads would help them better understand what they are reading, while I could have chosen something like a video essay I decided on a comic strip because I also wanted to find a way to make what my audience was going to read entertaining so it wouldn’t feel like reading paragraphs of information. The way I plan on getting started is by sketching drafts using paper on how I want my comic strip to look basing it on my mentor’s text. My mentor text is I chose this mentor quote because it touches on a topic similar to mine, so I am going to use it as a main guide on what I want my drawings to look like. Rajan Lab is a Harvard lab for AI and Neurotheory and they mostly use comics and graphic novels as “Great science communication tools because they tell stories, create emotional connections, and break concepts down into easily digestible pieces.” Which is exactly what I plan to do with this project.

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