Final Course Reflection Letter

Final Course Reflection Letter

Dear Class:

Congratulations for making it to the finish line!  Some of you have risen to the occasion with dedication and resilience.  I am so proud of you. Some of you have a ways to go. So maybe it takes a little longer. Being a college student requires maturity. If you really want to achieve your goals here at City Tech, with some reflection and modifications, you will eventually get there.  The upcoming spring semester will be a chance for a new beginning.

As a teacher, I too learn from you as students.  Undoubtedly, I will teach ENG 1101 again, so I appreciate your feedback on what worked well for you this semester and what needs adjustment for the future. 

As the Final Reflection, you will work in the genre of a letter:  You will write a six-paragraph letter to me (Start with Dear Professor Wu,) reflecting back on the semester as a whole and evaluating our course from your perspective.  This Reflection Letter is absolutely required to receive a Final Grade for the course.  You should feel free to be frank and constructive and compassionate and add any additional comments and insights you may have.  A well-written, thoughtful, and insightful Reflection Letter will help your final course grade.  Remember to PROOFREAD for grammar and sentence errors.  I look forward to reading your letter.  

Good luck on all your finals and have a restful winter break! 

Best Wishes,

Professor Wu


2 fully developed pages

typed as a letter beginning:  Dear Professor Wu,

and ending:  Sincerely, 

                           Your Name


  • Salutation: Start your letter with:  Dear Professor Wu,
  • Body:  To write the body of the letter, use the 20 questions below to write a short paragraph for each of the six (6) parts.  You will have six paragraphs for the body of your letter. You may have more to say on some questions/sections than others, and that’s OK. DO NOT put the numbers or copy the questions; YES PLEASE DO turn your answers into a paragraph for each section.
  • Closing: Close with a proper sign-off: Sincerely, Your Name
  • Part I. Class Readings and Writings and Projects:
  1. Which was your favorite reading of this semester? Why?
  2. Which was your favorite writing assignment? Why?
  3. Did you enjoy working on the Reflective Annotative Bibliography? Why or Why not?
  4. Which was your least favorite reading and writing assignment? Why?   Readings for Fall 2023 semester:  Malcolm X’s “Prison Studies,” NYTimes Interview: “Malcolm X, Laurence Fishbourne and the Theatre of Your Mind,’ ” Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue,” Colin Powell’s “My American Journey,” Esmeralda Santiago’s “When I Was Puerto Rican,” Barack Obama’s Chapter 4 Dreams from My Father

Part II.  Technology

  1. How did you manage the Open Lab online part of our class?
  2. Did you do all the 19 Open Lab HWs for the semester?  Did you turn in ON TIME — Why/Why not?  Did you do thoughtful work on these HWs?
  3. Did you participate in the required peer reviews on Open Lab —  Why/Why not?
  4. Do you have any suggestions on ways to improve student participation of  Open Lab activities?

Part III.  Genre Project:  I would like to hear your thoughts on the Genre Project.  Your ideas will help me in my future planning.  

  1. Did you like the Genre Project?  Why or Why not?  
  2. Did you like having the freedom to choose your genre?  Were you able to work independently?  Did the Assignment guide you on how to proceed independently?  What was helpful in the Assignment? 
  3. OR — Would you have preferred that the whole class worked with ONE GENRE and everyone worked together on that Genre and we had lessons on that genre?   
  4. What were the positive or negative aspects of everyone working independently in different genres of their choice? 
  5. How did you find the technology aspect of creating in your genre?  Was this too challenging or the right amount of challenge?  What software programs did you use?  Would you recommend this software to future students who create podcasts?  Why or why not?

Part IV. Teacher/Class

  1. Which of the writing or revision strategies we practiced in English 1101 can you imagine carrying with you to other courses? which strategies?  which courses?
  2. Did you ever meet with me individually? If yes, was the visit productive?
  3. Think back on the written comments I have given you on your papers. Which kind of comments were the most helpful?  Least helpful?  Why?
  4. What specific suggestions do you have for me as the teacher? What specific suggestions do you have for changes to the class?
  5. Distribution of time allotted for each Unit:  Do you think we spent too much time or not enough time on any of the Units?  

Part V.  Tutoring

  1. TWO visits to the Writing Tutors were required. How many times did you meet with the Writing Tutors? Who did you work with?  On what dates?  Were these meetings productive for you?  

Part VI. You as a Student

  1. How would you evaluate your own progress as a writer over the course of this semester? In what ways are you now stronger?  In what areas do you need more practice? 
  2. How would you evaluate your participation in class?  In what ways have you contributed?  If you could change one thing about your own participation, what would it be?
  3. In this class, we worked on each Major Unit Writing Assignment in a step-by-step manner.  What have you learned about writing as a PROCESS?
  4. What have you learned about being a college student? What will you do differently next semester?
  5. If you work outside of school, how many hours? What is your job? Do you think this work interferes with or enhances your schoolwork? Explain.

Do not forget to close your letter with a proper sign-off: 


Your Name