Research Source leads

Proposed Topics/RQs and Possible Source leads

If you have no ideas yet — some topics that might lead to a good research question:

  • Fast fashion— What is it?  What is the impact on the environment? How can we move to a more sustainable fashion?
  • AI — How is AI changing _____ (education? industry? media?)
  • Happiness:  How can you find happiness?  What is the secret to happiness? What is the best mindset to achieve happiness?Does success, money lead to happiness?  What are ways to find happiness?  Can happiness be measured?  What are the health benefits of happiness?  Can people reach true happiness?
  • Podcast:
  • Lazy and Procrastination:  Why do people procrastinate?  What is the science behind procrastination and why people procrastinate?
  • Good TED talk on Procrastination
  • Veganism: What does it mean to be a vegan?  How and when did it become popular?
  • Cancer:  Why haven’t we found a cure for cancer?
  • Movies:  Why do people love horror movies?

From our class members:

Ethan:  Boxing ideas —  What are health benefits of boxing as a form of exercise?  Is boxing a cruel dangerous contact sport that should be banned or is boxing a safe sport?  Sport or violence?  Should boxing be banned?

I found a few links.  I am not sure how credible — your job to find out– I share here:

  • — NEGATIVE aspects!

Less Stress, More Focus: Boxing Is the Mental Health Workout I Never Knew I Needed

Michael:  suggestion to try focusing on ONE aspect of sustainability in architecture:  What are green roofs and — How do green roofs make urban architecture sustainable?


Adan: What is hostile architecture and how has it affected city life?

Jeffery:  What is the fight between USA and China about electric vehicle batteries?  Why has the USA fallen behind on EV adoption?  Why has American fallen behind in the race to create Electric Vehicles?


Kayla. Fast fashion— What is it?  What is the impact on the environment? How can we move to a more sustainable fashion?  What is fast fashion and what is the effect on our world?

  • Opinion pieces on Fast Fashion

Why are USA political leaders so old?  Is gerontocracy a problem in American democracy?  Why aren’t there younger leaders?



Diana:  What is alexithymia?  Amigdala and thymous?  SInce a processes the motion of fear I want to know what can…. How does fear start in the brain and can fear be replaced?  And if so, what can replace it?

Evelyn:  Women’s health:  Why are women misdiagnosed medically?  When they go to doctors?  Why is the health research or industry more focused on male health and de-emphasizing women?  Why do doctors often ignooe what woman are saying at doctors appointments?  Are heavier women?  WHy are women often misdiagnosed at medical appointments?  HOw is the medical field killing women’s health? By not addressing issues that women have in illness, women are dying becasue of misdiagnosis?

Women’s pain often is dismissed by doctors – Washington Post    (looks itneresting but not sure what is — do some crediblity sleuthing)

Also these — but need to check on credibility

Raul:  How does childhood trauma affect people who become serial killers?   Childhood trauma doesn’t always lead to becoming a serial killer, so what are the factor that make childhood trauma so impactful that someone beocmes a serial killer?  Why is childhood trauma have different outcomes in normal ppl and what makes it impactful for serial killers?

Narcissists and Psychopaths — Dr Ramani Durvasala:  Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast

Raul-When Your Child Is a Psychopath – The Atlantic

Ilham:  Why do people like horror movies?  What is psychology behind this tendency? Why pay money to get scared?  ENjoy being scared?  WHY?  Why is violence in horror movies fascinating?


Marc:  Should everyone go to college?  How can we educate students to learn useful careers skills?


Brianna:  How is gentrification by wealthy US citizens affecting Puerto Rico property/real estate/ability to be houses?  How is Air BNB affecting Puerto Rico and housing / real estate/ ability to buy a house?

The RUsh for a Slice of Paradise in Puerto Rico.



My example topic:  Anti Asian sentiment on the rise during CoVId
Sources for my example RQ:  How has the pandemic exacerbated xenophobia focusing especially on Anti-Asian hostility?  

The Forgotten HIstory of the Purging of Chinese From America (NYer Magazine feature article)

I’m Done Being Your Model Minority (NYT Op-Ed)

`Asian American Community Battles Surge in Hate Crimes Stirred From Covid  (PBS Newshour)

As CV Spreads, So Does Anti-Asian Sentiment (NYT)

Artists Fight Coronavirus-Related Racism on Instagram (KQED SFran public radio story)

Corona Virus Infected My High School NYT op-doc by Ch Am high school student

I am not virus. I human being. Eradicate the Prejudice.  Italian Chinese Mx Jiang’s video 

Italian Chinese Mx Jiang’s video

Spit on, Yelled at, Asian Am Fear Safety (NYT)

He was a Rising Jazz Artist.  NYC dreams Shattered. Japanese Jazz pianist attacked 10/22/20

Photoville:  Asian Americans on Race and the Pandemic  Outdoor Photography Exhibit BBPark

Time Magazine:  “I will not Stand Silent. 10 Asian Americans Reflect on Racism During the Pandemic and the Need for Equality”

AYang op ed Wash Post apr 1 Asian Am we are part of the cure

I am not the virus t-shirt

When Xenophobia Spreads like a Virus NPR radio podcast

Asian American Author Talks about Racism

When Asian Americans Have to Prove We Belong Sunday NYT

How Asian American Leaders are Grappling with Xenophobia Amid CV

How the Pandemic is Fueling Anti Chinese racist (podcast Toronto Star)

How CV is Exposing American’s Anti-Asian Racism (video Huff Post)

Misogyny Against Asian American Women Atlanta GA (Huff Post on March 17 serial killings)

Asian American Seniors Hate Crime Target (Huff Post)

Amanda Nguyen instagram video on We Dying To Be Heard

Moustafa Bayoumi NPR interview How Does It Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America


Examples of Source 3 non-print genre for my RQ:  How has the CV pandemic exacerbated xenophobia focusing especially on Anti-Asian hostility?