Project Proposal — Anthony Clement

My research question is: What impact will AI have on the future of warfare?

My audience will be those interested in tech and the military. I believe this will important to those group of people as those planning on operating in the tech field may find themselves developing these future weapons. While those aspiring or in the military my find their roles less hands on as is the goal with AI. I hope demonstrate how AI is being implemented in our military today and its potential for the future. I plan on doing an interview podcast, asking a friend for his views and knowledge on the topic. I’ll provide my friend with the articles I’ve used for my RAB and gain his opinion on the articles. I’ll ask questions pertaining to my research specifically the questions I already have written in my RAB. My only concern so far is the time in which the interview will take place since we both have classes. The mentor text I plan on utilizing is “On the Day Their Concentration Camp Was Liberated”

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  1. You write:  I’ll provide my friend with the articles I’ve used for my RAB and gain his opinion on the articles.

    The point is to choose a person to interview who is an expert or who has strong views on this subject. You do not want to choose someone who needs to do readings in order to understand your RQ. The research is FOR YOU to learn. you are not asking some else to learn with you. Now that you have done the research and you know enough, you will learn MORE by asking an expert to converse with you about AI in the military.

    WHO will be your interviewee? You should have at least TWO people to interview in a discussion pannel format. OR if ONE person only, then that person should really be expert.

    In the OUTLINE HW 5 You need to tell me who your interviewees will be and you should have your questions worked out.

    ALSO in a podcast you need elements of audio, intro music. You’ll need to write up a short introduction to your podcast…LOOK AT A MENTOR TEXT!

    LATE HW — you must meet deadlines! It is not clear to me that you are following the writing process because you have been absent and you are missing HWs. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

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