Mentor Text Analysis of William Siu β€” Wendbenedo(Op-Ed)

In the article “I Make Video Games. I Won’t Let My Daughter Play Them” by William Siu, published in The New York Times in 2022.

The article hooks the audience by using a personal anecdote about the author’s experience with video games and his daughter’s interest in them. It uses research by referencing studies and expert opinions about the impact of video games on children’s mental health and development. The author also incorporates storytelling by sharing his personal experiences with video games and how they have influenced his life. The author uses visuals, such as images and video games to supplement his arguments. The article is structured as a series of sections, each with a different argument or idea, but it flows well and maintains a consistent tone. The primary audience is likely to be parents, especially those who are concerned about the effects of video games on their children. The article ends with a call to action for parents to be more mindful of the video games their children play and how they might be affecting their development.

I’ll use these aspects in my Op-Ed, I can consider using personal anecdotes to illustrate the impact of French military interventions on individuals and communities. I can also use subheadings to help guide the reader through my argument. In terms of what to avoid, I will avoid using overly complex language or technical jargon, as my target audience includes people with varying levels of familiarity with the subject matter. Additionally, I will avoid using overly emotional or inflammatory language, as I want to present a clear and persuasive argument that is based on facts and research.

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  1. OK Wendbenedo, I need to stick to my orignal plan for the stiudents. You need to do a mentor text analysis for HW4 on a different op-ed (if you are choosing op-ed, which you are) than the example mentor text that we did as a class with everyone analyzing Willism Siu’s op-ed. You cannot do the same thing for HW 4 as you did for HW 2.

    And actually I think this is good for you because reading and analyzing another op-ed will help you plan out how you will improve the rough draft of the op-ed you showed me on Wednesday in computer lab. OK?

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