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My research question is how pandemic affected students mental health? My message is hoping everyone can take better care of their mental health because it’s important to take care of your mindset and talking to other people for help or joining an organization to support you through is a good way to help you feel better about yourself and your mind would thank you for that. My message is seeking for help from professionals or the people around you the must because most of the times the people around us are willing to listen to you and help you out when you seek for their guidance and support. The audience I am trying to reach are the ones who are battling their mental health and who is had been through mental health. The genre I am considering to do is open letter to my audience because being able to write and read out my thoughts on how we can change for our future generations or the generations right now. I intend to get started by addressing the statistics on mental health in pandemic times to the mental health now. I might concern about how I can make it convincing to others and making it 5 minutes speech on it. A mentor text I might use is Letter to City Council on Affordable Housing by Cindy Ashley, Orange County Activist

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  1. Amy — So will you write an open letter or a speech? You mention both here and that is confusing.

    ALSO why have you chosen the Activist Letter. I am not sure it is the right choice for a mentor text. This letter is about surveying specific sites for affordable housing. Why/How would that help your message?

    You should choose another open letter — go back to the list and choose something else.


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