RAB Source Entry 1 -Anthony Clement

Part 1: MLA Citation

Beames, Charles. “Ai in Space and Its Future Use in Warfare.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 19 Jan. 2023, https://www.forbes.com/sites/charlesbeames/2022/12/21/ai-in-space-and-its-future-use-in-warfare/?sh=5212fc2d3962

Part 2: Summary

In the passage “AI In Space And Its Future Use In Warfare”, Charles Beames argues that AI is being rapidly developed due to potential prospects in space and warfare. According to the author the U.S. has already begun implementing AI within the military, for example Project Linchpin which the Beames explains as building foundation for which AI will begin to rapidly develop in the fields of “intelligence, cyber, and electronic warfare communities.” The author also highlights China as the leading country in AI advancement. With goal of surpassing the U.S., China has made substantial investments in AI specifically targeted to overtake the U.S. in the space domain. Beames quotes two leading members of AI in the space industry Kunal Mehra and Logan Jones. Both have a positive outlook on the future of AI, but they are not without their reservations Mehra states that rather than using the up-and-coming technology to expand and advance our leaders only view this technology as a passing trend. Jones concerns lie within the fact that there will be a never-ending cyber battle in space, and it will reflect that of the electronic warfare during the Cold War where constant advancement and innovation is of upmost importance lest we succumb to other major world powers. Beames states that due to Chinas rapid advance we must change how we think and follow suit in order to surpass them or we will lose our edge in technology and be left behind.

Part 3: Reflection

The U.S. shouldn’t have waited until they’ve felt threatened by Chinas advance in AI to begin their own. Understandably so world leaders aren’t pouring a surplus of resources into AI due to it being barley charted territory, but this fear of the unknown will cause the U.S. to be left behind just as Beames said. From my knowledge highly advanced AI are the stuff of fiction from superheroes in comics to cartoons, AI has always been portrayed as such. I agree with Beames claim that if the U.S. doesn’t start to prioritize AI then our position as leaders in tech and in the space domain will be threatened, however given the opportunity I’d ask Beames based the research he’s done and the people he’s spoken to, if we don’t step up now how long until we’re left behind?

Part 4: Rhetorical Analysis

Charles Beames is the Executive Chairman of York Space Systems, a company that “provides complete solutions for mission design, spacecraft, launch, ground, and operations.” Beames’ qualification to speak on the future of AI pertaining to space exploration speaks for itself seeing as he’s the executive chairman of a company whose aim and mission is space exploration. Kunal Mehra who Beames quotes is the president of SSCI (Scientific Systems Company, Inc) whose company’s focus is AI autonomy in all facets of the military. Logan Jones another quote provider for Beames article is the president of Spark Cognition Government Systems, similarly to SSCI, SGS is a company that develops artificial intelligence for the needs of national security. Beames’ informative article is targeted towards those in tech, military, and the government in order to showcase to them how crucial AI development is at this time.

Part 5: Notable Quotables

“Like electronic warfare countermeasures during the Cold War, AI is truly the next frontier where we must continuously innovate or succumb to rival world powers.” (Beames, 9)

“The full impact of AI on national security has yet to be realized, but its dramatic effects are coming much faster than we think.” (Beames, 11)

“Nevertheless, the rapid evolution to autonomous operations is here for commercial companies, and like other technologies of the past that profoundly changed how we think of warfare, we must harness its potential or be left behind.” (Beames, 12)

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  1. Summary

    Watch out for TMI and RO and CS sentences. Read outloud. Correct to write clear sentences.


    “Barley” is a food. You need to proofread carefully. Again watch for TMI sentences.

    Can you say any more of your own original thinking after reading this article? 

    Rhetorical Analysis

    ·     Needs a lot of work. You are missing a points necessary for a Rhetorical Analysis.

    ·     Did you use the Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet? Did you look at the examples? 

    ·     The only person you have to establish creditiblity for is the author!!! No need for Kunal Mehra or Logan Jones! What about Forbes magazine? Is Forbes a good credible reliable source? 

    Quotes: Good here!

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