RAB Source Entry 1-Ana

Source Entry 1

Part 1:MLA Citation

Source 1: Perri Klass,M.D “When social media is really problematic for adolescents” The New York Times. June 3,2019 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/03/well/family/when-social-media-is-really-problematic-for-adolescents.html

Part 2: Summary

In the article “When social media is really problematic for adolescents” by Perri Klass, the author’s main idea is to highlight the effects of social media on adolescents and exactly what our options are in improving these effects. Klass starts off by presenting the most common effects of social media such as mental health and vulnerability, sleep and suicide. Studies show that suicide rates in adolescent girls 10-19 have increased in the years 1975 to 2016. However other adolescents talk about finding the help through online groups that they lack at home. The author makes it clear that the way teenagers are feeling before they go on social media affects what they do on their devices and how they react. Klass ends the article with Dr. Rich stating that tech companies should  make some changes in how social media works to help reduce the negative effects.

Part 3A:Reflection

I believe it is true social media has negative effects on young adults but I also think that tech companies changing how social media works will not help a lot. I too have blamed everything wrong with young adults entirely on social media but in reality it’s up to us if we let these things we see online affect us. So my question to what Dr Rich suggested would be, even if tech companies care enough to change a few things about their apps, what is to say that the young adults will not find another site in the future that will throw away the effort made by the companies that have to sacrifice losing money in order to accommodate to young adults? Is it too late to change the effects of social media on young adults and if not how can we change them?

Part 4 Rhetorical Analysis

Based on research Perri Klass is a credible author and American pediatrician who has published about her medical training and pediatric practice. With her work she attracts people who are interested in children in literacy, relationships between doctors and patients, and even those who are interested in issues of women in medicine. This specific article “When social media is really problematic for adolescents” was published on June 3rd of 2019. It was published in The New York Times a little after suicide rates in girls began to increase. With this article the author was trying to inform the audience of the problems that social media brings along with some positive effects she found with studies and the opinions of doctors. Kerri wrote an informative article in which she didn’t state her opinion and instead showed studies(credible sources)to explain the effects of social media on young adults.

Part 5 Notable Quotes

“For example,there was one teen who shared with me that she enjoyed following a band that she liked on Instagram, and it made her feel better…and then all of a sudden she saw a picture of the band member self-harming and cutting her arm.”(Dr.Radovic)

“There are changes that tech companies could make in how social media works…which might reduce some of those negatives and change the online experience.”(Dr.Radovic)

“Other adolescents talked about finding help through online groups-perhaps they found support through L.G.B.T.Q sites which they didn’t find at home with their families-or about being talked out of suicidal thought on Reddit.”(Dr.Radovic)

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  1. I would suggest you to write if social media had a bad impact on you.over all I liked how you wrote your summary it explained alot and it was clear.

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