Summary — Practice

Part 1 MLA Citation

Berliner, Wendy. “’Schools Are Killing Curiosity’: Why We Need to Stop Telling Children to Shut up and Learn.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 28 Jan. 2020,

Part 2 Summary

In the feature article “Schools are killing curiosity: why we need to stop telling children to shut up and learn”, Wendy Berliner suggests schools are killing children’s innate curiosity. According to the writer, curious children perform better, yet they are not rewarded for their curiosity in school. Instead, they are taught not to ask questions. The writer gives examples of research showing that focus comes second to curiosity when evaluating academic performance. She also gave research showing that high performing students were less curious. The writer concludes that there is clear evidence to suggest that schools are killing curiosity in children my emphasizing focus rather than curiosity. 

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  1. OK! Good work. I can see you understood the article. And good that you are catching up on the HW even if it’s late.

    Did you read through the Class Activity document where we reviewed different summaries from the class, paying attention to Example 6 which was the best summary. And I hope you printed out the How to Write a Summary handout and the Rhetorical Analysis handout? These will help you see what you missed in class.

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