RAB Proposal Paragraph- Anthony Clara (Updated)

My Research Question Is: How has covid changed fashion styles? This Topic Interest Me because my major is fashion. After Covid I got a lot of time to find my style and what I like from Instagram and TikTok but mostly Instagram. I saw many social media influencers,celebrities,models,designers styles and saw how they started expressing themselves by wearing different kind of clothing that people wouldn’t normally wear on a regular day, which are over the top bling, baggy jeans, high waist pants, sweater vest, Dr Martin boots, New balance, crop tops, bucket hats. Seeing how people were dressing and not worrying about other people’s opinion made me want to change my style. I know that many people found their styles during the pandemic , not only in young teen adults but also in people around the world. I also know that finding their styles made people around the world boost their self confidence and made them feel comfortable in their body. I want to find out did the pandemic helped people find their style because they had so much time at home. How did after pandemic helped people expressed themselves and want to be free in spirit. I want to know how designers change their styles and how it influence them to want to change their way of making clothing. The reason why I focused on these questions because I know that not only teachers found their style but many other people found their styles and continue to find their style including myself.

MLA: Picard, L. 2022, January 19. For some, the pandemic has helped them find their style. The New York Times. Retrieved March 23, 2023, from https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/19/style/pandemic-work-from-home-style.html

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  1. OK Anthony — this is more like it! I see all the details you put in this RAB proposal.

    A Question: why the focus on teachers at the end? You write: I also know that finding their styles made teachers boost their self confidence and made them feel comfortable in their body. I want to find out did teachers only find their styles or did other people around the world too.

    The citation you gave is not in proper format. Why is the date in parenthesis and why is it in the second place? Do it again and use the citation machine.

    Proofread for grammatical errors and misspelled words.

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