RAB Proposal Paragraph – Anthony Clement

My research question is: What impact will AI have on the future of warfare? This topic interests me because AI has always fascinated and one of my goals in life is to create a fully autonomous AI. I also love learning about current and past wars, their causes, resolutions, and even the tactics or atrocities each side used/committed to win. As people love to claim, “AI is paving the way to the future”, I would like to know whether that future is one where AI will adapt into all fields especially warfare. I already know that AI is used in facets of the military one example being missile defense systems. These aspects in AI is utilized aren’t fully AI developed. People are still required to do certain tasks that the AI’s aren’t able to fulfill meaning there is this a great room for improvement in these AI’s. Some points that I plan to explore and find out more about are, how long until the military is fully AI operational? What next steps are for AI in order to begin fully integration? Also finding out what the public opinion is towards AI as a whole.

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  1. This is interesting, because we hear about the dangers of letting AI have the complete control in regards of warfare. How do you think that AI will affect future wars with your current research on past ones. What failsafe’s do you think we could do if AI’s in wars ever become a threat?

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