Two Worlds-Angel

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Growing up in a Dominican household, father, and grandparents being immigrants can be very difficult. Don’t get me wrong I loved everything about it, even now to this day from the music, to the food, everything about the culture just brings me joy. In my early ages I would say was kind of difficult for me, being that Spanish is my first language. At home it was normal because that’s what everyone spoke my mom, Ara, my older sister, Angely, and my father, Edward. I never felt left out until I got to school, it was a big change going from only knowing Spanish to trying and learn english so quickly. I would say I had a heavier accent when trying to learn, and I would never forget this girl, Kim, always laughed at the way I pronounced specific words. With time that changed, surprisingly I was a fast learner through daycare, and pre school, so by the time I made it to elementary I would say I was advanced for my age in the way I spoke english.

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  1. Angel: Notice you are only TELLING me. Instead you need to SHOW ME by writing a few well developed scenes and using CSD Concrete Specific Details! Remember your job as a writer is to create theatre of the mind for your reader.

    Study the student example papers that are in the Unit One Assignments page! 

    If you did choose this piece I would encourage you to develop a scene of Kim making fun of you.   Did other students bully you because of your accent? How did you deal with this? Did it make you more determined to learn English? What was it like to come home an dswitch to Spanish? Then to be at school and speaking English when you were not yet comfortable with the language. How did you overcome this hardship?  This sounds like it could be a Resilience Story in addition to a Between Two Worlds story. 

    How is it to live in two worlds the Spanish world where you listen to great music, eat great food? In the beginning you are telling it was difficult but you must have over come that? Think about how Esmeralda Santiago overcome her language difficulties. She turned it into a good story. Is there the seed of a good story here in your little one paragraph? 


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