Saved Esha

A difficult moment in my educational journey would be communicating with others. I remember back then it was always hard for me to communicate because I thought kids would judge me if I said anything wrong about the topic we were on. I was always that kid that overthinks too much which I still do but i think I’ve gotten a little better at it. I personally feel like overthinking has completely put me in the anxiety and depression side. An experience that saved me would probably be watching motivational videos that gave me a bride side to look at. The videos helped me a lot like I’ve learned that you only live one so you shouldn’t care what others think and just do what makes you feel good. Also by watching these videos that were very helpful made me feel a certain way.

The motivational videos made me realize that you should chase your goals and it made me see opportunities, and move forward that really made me feel comfortable to accept myself. I was always a scared kid and always overthinking too much like what if I fail, what if nobody likes me, and so much more. Also the videos I watched were mostly confident videos and how to be more brave. I feel like motivational videos just give me a purpose to live and help me move on. Also one important thing i learned was we have to overcome our fears and not let them control ourselves.

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