Back in high school it was the first time i’ve ever joined a school club and it helped me academically. It was the art club, I used to be overly obsessed with drawing in this time of my life. Drawing used to bring me peace and kept me distracted from things that weren’t school related. In order to stay in this club I had to keep my grades up during the school year. In some way I feel like art helped me open my mind up in every way, becoming more creative etc.

I was a average student, until the beginning of sophomore year I became very lazy. I started coming to school late and leaving early, and I knew I had to change my bad habits before I failed all my classes. It definitely wasn’t a easy process it took some time, but that’s when joining art club changed everything. It was almost one of the best things I could’ve done at the time to help my situation.

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  1. Angel: You need to write a lot more. 

    Can you notice that you are only telling me; instead, you need to SHOW me! Remember the scene of Malcolm X learning to read in the light of the hallway while the night guards were on watch. You need to insert a few well-chosen scenes to make this piece of writing come alive. Reach back into your memory to find the best scenes that could take your reader there to that time you found joining the art club saved you. Create THEATER of the MIND for your reader. Make your writing interesting and exciting.

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